The Opportunity

Baya Bar’s founder, Bill Loesch, understands that franchise opportunities can move the concept national.
“My vision is to see our brand across the nation, to help people be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies,” he said. “You need to be transparent about what’s in your food.”
The other benefit to creating a franchise system is helping others create their own businesses. Loesch says:
“I believe in this very strongly. I want to give this opportunity to other entrepreneurs. There are plenty of people struggling, people who don’t love the “9 to 5 grind”. I want to help other hardworking people build their own business. They may not know how to do it, but they can follow our process. We can help change lives.”
In support of this vision, we are offering healthy food franchise opportunities to qualified entrepreneurs for a specialty acai bowl and juice bar retail and café business model, to operate under the trade name ‘Baya Bar’.
Baya Bar offers healthy food options to customers & communities in a fun & positive environment, one bowl at a time. By offering the largest Acai bowls on the market that are also 100% organic, we are dominating each market we dive into. We are looking for Franchise Partners who wish to start (or convert) their own businesses, and who understand the benefit of building upon a proven business model and established Brand strength.

Investing in Baya Bar

Your investment in Baya Bar allows you to fully capitalize on a robust health food industry, while enjoying the benefits of franchisor support and processes.

Baya Bar By The Numbers

Corporate Locations
Franchise Locations
States Represented

A Commitment to Success

Baya Bar management is absolutely committed to the success of our franchisees. We have channeled the passion we bring to our food and our Brand into the creation of a world-class training and support program for every step in the healthy restaurant business and franchise development process, from the selection of the best store through ongoing store management.
Site Selection

When it’s time to find and secure your best location, you’ll have access to our in-house real estate agent.

A 3-Pronged Training

Your training will be provided in three important steps. you’ll attend a Corporate training with key Baya Bar staff.

Corporate Training

During this 3-4 day franchise training, you will learn about all of the elements that make the Brand and business model unique.

Training in An Existing Baya Bar Location

We’ll reinforce your franchise training by having you spend a week in an operating Baya Bar healthy restaurant business location.

Opening Week

When it’s time to open your location, you will receive a full week of support from an on-site Baya Bar staff member.

Accounting and Book Keeping

One major, ongoing benefit of becoming a Baya Bar franchisee is access to our Enterprise QuickBooks (if you choose to use it) and to our in-house expert book keepers.

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